Saturday, April 2, 2011

Where does the time go.....

Well my last post I said to check back in November...well that was like 5 months ago! So to bring you up to speed...we took the boys on a CRUISE! We sailed with Royal Caribbean's "Mariner of the Seas"! We had the BEST time! The boys loved it and we kept the surprise going until Quinn spotted the ship...even though he had a blind fold on! (obviously he peeked...ha ha!)

I have included some shots of our cruise adventure. We absolutely LOVED zip lining in Puerta Varata! We would definitely stay there for sure! We met some great people on the cruise, but especially our new friends Barry and Damien from Ireland. We have put Ireland on our "list" of places to visit!

Monday, October 4, 2010

School is in Full Swing!!

It is October and the boys have been in school about 20 days already! We have been riding our bikes almost EVERYDAY!! Even today it was a bit drizzily outside...but we still rode bikes. We are really enjoying the ride!

The boys are STILL trying to decide what to be for the BIG Halloween Day! I will update when we have figured it out.

Quinn is in 2nd Grade and has a wonderful teacher...Mrs. B...she has a tough name for the kids, so that is what they all call her.

Parker is in 3rd Grade and also has a wonderful teacher...Mrs. Madison!!

We have a BIG surprise planned in November for the boys! We haven't told the boys just yet...but plan on telling them about it only moments before we leave. So check back sometime in November to see where we took the boys for their BIG surprise!! They will be missing about 4 days of school...but I look at it this way...the classroom isn't the only place a child learns ...right?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

3 YEARS HOME with Quinn!!!

We celebrated Quinn's "Gotcha Day" on June 4th 2010... 3 years being HOME from Kazakhstan!! We decided to take him out on a Duffy Boat again...since he really likes the ocean and boats! My younger brother Brock and his family came as well. We had sandwiches and cookies and had a great time boating around Newport Harbor!

It is hard to believe that it has been 3 years! We can't imagine life without him! I also never thought we would feel this way! Some of you know how hard it was in the beginning. But with time, patience and LOVE we did it! We are a HAPPY FAMILY...Quinn totally deserved a family!

Quinn is one of the HAPPIEST KIDS I have ever met! He loves every sport! He is also a natural athlete as well. He falls asleep faster than any kid I ever met. He is the pickiest eater too! He loves animals! He loves playing legos, boardgames, cards and watching movies! He loves to bake and cook things with Me (Mom) and he loves to build and fix things with Dad! He is CRAZY about Parker and they can play endlessly together for hours (we are so grateful for that) He is absolutely an AMAZING kid...we are sooo lucky! I am sooo happy that we took that leap of faith to do what we did! So to anyone reading this who may be contemplating is tough at first (although every situation is different) you can do it! You can give a child an unbelievable gift...A Family! Quinn has taught me sooo much about myself! I know he has learned alot too!

To know there are millions of children "out there" that will never get the gift of a family breaks my heart!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gosh It Has Been So Long Since I Posted!!

Well we are well into 2010!!
Quinn turned 8 on January 17, 2010!! We took him and Parker to Sea World. We did the AWESOME Dine with Shamu (even thought there was no Shamu) Ha! was AWESOME!! The food was fantastic! This is a MUST if you are going to Sea World! I don't do well with animals in captivity. The whales having to do shows for morsels of fish make me sad!
I have included some photos of our day there! Also the boys went to Winter Camp again with the Indian Guides. There first planned trip was canceled due to enormous amount of SNOW in our local mountains!! California needs all the rain (and snow) we can get! So we are GRATEFUL!!

Also we just finished our final post adoption report! This June 4th will be 3 years HOME!! Hard to believe. We asked Quinn how much of Kazakhstan does he remember...his answer was not much! Most of his memories are here...with us! We think that's cool!

We also will be visiting with the another family soon that also adopted from Kazakhstan! They adopted a 3 year old boy from Almaty! I will post pictures of the their meeting! I think it is important for adopted children to meet because they have something in common. They don't feel so different! I am literally surrounded by people who were adopted! I have learned so much from them! So thank you my friends...and you know who you are!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Grandmother Hansen turns 104 today!!

Forgot to mention that Tyler's sweet Grandmother turned 104 TODAY!! What an amazing life this lady has had! We will post her photo as soon as we get it. She lives in Houston, Texas with Tyler's AMAZING Aunt Mary Anne! We love her for taking such GREAT CARE of Grandmother Hansen!

Happy Birthday Grandmother Hansen!

We love you!

Winding down 2009

I figured I better catch up.....
We celebrated another Halloween. This was Quinn's 3rd Halloween. Of course he loved his costume...A Police Officer! That is what he wants to be when he grows up. Parker was Robin Hood. He originally wanted to be Elvis. But the school requires a "Literary Character" and that was better for Parker to do. He actually loved being Robin Hood. We made a bow with real wooden arrows. I made the hat myself!

Then I made Spider Cupcakes! They were quite a hit with the boys!

Then on November 9th we ditched school early to go to Disneyland for Parker's 8th Birthday! Oh it is hard to believe he is 8 already! Quinn's birthday is right around the corner on January 17th. Not sure what we will do for him.

Finally we received Quinn's new California Birth Certificate. It will just make life easier for him to have that. If something ever happened to his original Kazakhstan Birth Certificate...I can't even imagine the obstacle in getting a new one. This way...if Quinn ever needs a is right here in good old California. It lists Tyler and I as his parents...yippeeee!! To us this just "seals the deal"...he is OUR SON!

The other photo I took of Quinn was at his school. His teacher, Mrs. Mayhugh needed some class pictures taken for their awards they get. I took the photo of all the kids and just love how Quinn's turned out! What a little cutie!

Oh big news!! Quinn lost both front teeth! The 2nd one took forever to fall out. Well Quinn had to sort of pull that one out. It was just hanging there all crooked. He looked pretty funny! We started calling him "Jethro" offense to people called Jethro.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Parker and Quinn...more photos of our summer

Here is a few of my favorite photos of The Mighty Quinn and Parker!
These were taken over the summer. We are getting ready for Halloween now! Parker will be Robin Hood and Quinn is going to be a Police Officer. I am hoping that I can get a photo of Quinn with a real Police man...that would be cool. The school allows them to dress up, but they have to have a book that matches their character. It is called Literary Character Day. What a great idea!

So check out our blog after Halloween. I am really trying to get better about posting! Ha

Monday, October 12, 2009

"TIME" a very powerful word and concept

We have been home 2 years and 4 months now. Someone asked me the other day if I could give our adoption experience one word what would it be? The most fitting word is "Time". All of it takes "time". Time to do all the paperwork, time to get yourself prepared to leave to go meet your child, time with the child in the country and time to finally bring your child home. Then the "Time" word really goes into action. Our home "time" was the most valuable "time". The other "times" were just stepping stones to this "time". That's a lot of TIME!! Ha Ha Ha

So in a took us "time" to bond with Quinn. And Quinn needed "time" too to bond to a family. What an experience this has been. So thankful to TIME!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Okay, okay already!! Here is some photos!!

I have had some requests for some updated photos. The boys are off for the summer. I personally don't want summer to end! I like having the boys home! We are having fun! Quinn is going into 1st Grade and Parker will be in 2nd Grade...can you believe it!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Hello, Just over due on some photos. So I am putting a few up...for a few people who complained...and you know who you are!!! Ha Ha Ha

Sunday, December 28, 2008

So Behind on Photos of the BOYS!!!

Here are a few photos of the boys enjoying Halloween 2008, making apple cider at Riley Farms, checking out a Praying Mantis and Quinn enjoying his first field trip with his Kindergarten class! We also had a visit by Aunt of Tyler's sisters.

It is almost the end of 2008! It is hard to believe....but 2009 is just days away! I hope to get more photos of the boys as they grow and grow!!

We had a great Christmas! Those photos are next! I promise!